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Rootes Heritage Day is back! This year we’re bringing even more vehicle variety with a number of Club National Rallies being held at the same time as the event. All kinds of Classic Rootes Group vehicles come together and celebrate at the British Motor Museum. Whether that’s pre 70’s cars like the Hillman’s, Humbers, Singers or Sunbeams or the later Chrysler, Simca and Talbot products or commercial vehicles such as Commer, Karrier, and Kew Dodge. 

2 events & Museum entry in 1 great value ticket

A ticket for the Rootes Heritage Day doesn’t just get you entry into the event, you can also go to the Old Ford Rally supported by Peter James Insurance, taking place at the same time. You’ll be able to see an astonishing variety of pre-1995 Fords and Ford-engined vehicles, including Anglias, Capris, Cortinas, Escorts, Fiestas, Granadas, Model Ts, Zephyrs and Zodiacs. To find out more about the Old Ford Rally, click here.

All of this comes with the added bonus of being able to see over 400 more cars inside the Museum. The Museum is packed with some of the most historically important vehicles such as the first Land Rover and the first Mini but if you’re looking for something closer to home, check out our 1969 Hillman Imp Super with the extra exterior flashes.

On the day, you’ll also find a large display of hand-built Meccano models from The Midlands Meccano Guild. There is also a small indoor trade area with diecast models, vehicle brochures and photos.

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