Recently, our pal Ciro at Petrolheadonism reached out to see if he could hold a monthly evening meet at Caffeine&Machine: The Bowl. Yes. Yes, he could.

See, we like what they stand for – ‘representing all petrolhead subcultures and sharing the passion’ – so we’re really pleased to team up with them and give them a regular spot for a chilled evening of cars and conversation.

The second Thursday evening of every month, then, will play host to a Petrolheadonism Yard Meet. Ciro and the team will be inviting down some of their friends, but you’re welcome to join too for a come-one, come-all monthly meetup celebrating the joys of the car in all its forms. Naturally, we’ll have our usual range of killer food and drink on offer, so join us, Ciro and the team for Petrolheadonism at Caffeine&Machine: The Bowl. Second Thursday evening of the month, 5pm onwards.

Pre-booked tickets are optional from 5pm, but free entry on the door is subject to capacity and pre-booking will guarantee you a space.

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Date Time
Thu, 13 June 2024 17:00PM - 22:00PM
Thu, 11 July 2024 17:00PM - 22:00PM
Thu, 08 August 2024 17:00PM - 22:00PM
Thu, 12 September 2024 17:00PM - 22:00PM
Thu, 10 October 2024 17:00PM - 22:00PM
Thu, 14 November 2024 17:00PM - 22:00PM
Thu, 12 December 2024 17:00PM - 22:00PM
Thu, 09 January 2025 17:00PM - 22:00PM
Thu, 13 February 2025 17:00PM - 22:00PM
Thu, 13 March 2025 17:00PM - 22:00PM

Ticket information

Pre-booking tickets is heavily recommended, as you will receive the following:

  • Guaranteed spot in the Yard, avoiding being turned away at the door.
  • Reserved group and display parking for ticket holders.

See our website for more details.

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