Takona Coffees and Cars has arrived in the Southwest!
Takona & Re:Fuel have teamed up to host a monthly meet with community in mind. Open to all vehicles, park up, grab a coffee, get chatting. The idea behind Takona meets (a UK-wide series of monthly gatherings) are to create spaces that encourage people to come together over their love of cars, and to give them opportunity to get out the house, make some friends, and if needed, to talk.
Second Sunday of the month. See you there!

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Date Time
Sun, 14 July 2024 09:00AM - 13:00PM
Sun, 11 August 2024 09:00AM - 13:00PM
Sun, 08 September 2024 09:00AM - 13:00PM
Sun, 13 October 2024 09:00AM - 13:00PM
Sun, 10 November 2024 09:00AM - 13:00PM
Sun, 08 December 2024 09:00AM - 13:00PM
Sun, 12 January 2025 09:00AM - 13:00PM
Sun, 09 February 2025 09:00AM - 13:00PM
Sun, 09 March 2025 09:00AM - 13:00PM
Sun, 13 April 2025 09:00AM - 13:00PM

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How much does it cost to get in?
It is free to attend. There are no tickets for this event; it will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
Do I have to pre-book?
Nope! Just arrive and park!
What are the house rules?
– NO wheelspins or drifting
– NO loud music
– NO excessive revving of engines
This is a chillout zone for enthusiasts – therefore, anyone participating in any of the above activities, will not be welcome again at Re:Fuel.