BARONA VINTAGE DRAGS featuring CARLSBAD RACEWAY REUNION. This event is open to all 1975 and older vehicles as well as any car that ran at Carlsbad raceway. 
Originally opened in 1964 by track owners Larry grismer and sandy belond, Carlsbad was one of the nations favorite and fastest drag strips and hosted some of the sports greatest over the years, Don  prudhomme, Don garlits, Mickey  Thompson, Don Schumacher, Roland  leong, Danny  ongais, Dode Martin, jim Nelson, etc were all frequent competitors.
Carlsbad raceway was closed in 2004 and we’re looking to bring back some of the glory days. any 1975 or older vehicle (domestic or foreign) will be allowed to race at the reunion as well as any car that competed at Carlsbad during its history. Anything from your model a ford to a tri five Chevy, 1st series challenger or  early vw, will fit the vintage drag portion while if you have a fox body mustang, pro street camaro, Supra, or 80’s pro stocker as long as it competed at Carlsbad we’d love to see you make the trek out to Barona on June 1st.  

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